Mothers & Daughters

Most of what I understood about being a woman I owe to my daughter. I had only intended to be the mother of boys. It seemed like a foregone conclusion, and much easier. Having boys is better than having girls – everyone knows that. Then after my son came my daughter. Surprise!

A new world opened up to me. I trembled beneath my daughter’s admiring gaze. I had to become another woman’s model of femininity. But what do I know about femininity? How can I show her the way? What way?

While pondering these questions I came up with the idea of photographing mothers and daughters together. It’s an attempt to comprehend that bond of femininity, to see from up close how it is passed on from mother to daughter.

anne et elisabeth (1 of 1)

gabriella et mipe (1 of 1)

nadine et annick (1 of 1)

magdeleine et sigrid

dorothée et anne (1 of 1)

carine et savanah (1 of 1)

madeleine et adèle

louise et muriel (1 of 1)

barbara et catherine (1 of 1)